Commercial Photo Gallery

Part of the SoCal Commercial Restoration Process

In approaching commercial losses, we recognize that it is not possible for all materials to be properly restored. Here, you can see our team rigorously inspecting contents to salvage what is possible. After this step, restoration services begin.

The SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens field crews recognize how difficult a loss in a commercial environment can be. This is why we take extra steps to put our customers' mind at ease. Call us today if you experience an unexpected disaster in your home or business. 

Southern California Commercial Contents Protection

When approaching damage in a commercial environment, SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens starts with content protection before services are performed.

In the frame here, our team can be seen laying thick plastic material so that during our work, all contents are protected without having to be moved. This allows for the impacted business to resume operations as soon as restoration services in the zone are completed. 

Maximizing the Drying Process with Minimal Equipment

Less Equipment, More Restoration

The SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens team attempts to be as least intrusive as possible, especially in commercial environments. The above photo shows this in action as the equipment is kept out of main traffic area and ducted in to hot spots to create a more efficient drying process.

Staffed for Large Commercial Losses

We're ready to Help You in Your Large Commercial Loss

An already difficult event can be magnified tremendously when a disaster occurs in a large commercial environment. As the photo above depicts, we are ready for any size disaster.

Keeping Mold Contained with a Decon Chamber

When our team finds unexpected mold growth, we go through several steps to keeping the environment safe and clean. Pictured here is one of these vital steps. A de-containment chamber has been setup so that before exiting the work area, our technicians can properly discard PPE materials and keep the outside environment sterile. 

Medical Offices Flooded in Cerritos, CA

This was one of several rooms affected by flood damage in a commercial medical office. The SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens crews assessed the job site and set equipment to dry the significantly large area in an economic yet efficient manner. Pictured in the photo are a Dehumidifier to extract moisture and several air movers strategically placed to continuously move the moisture out of the damaged area.

No job is ever too big or small for the SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens team!

Service with a smile

SERVPRO of Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens Owner Ryan Ramirez is on the job, taking care of our valued commercial customers during the heavy rains.