Water Damage Photo Gallery

Moisture Elimination and Containment

When water damage to a structure is discovered, SERVPRO addresses two important questions:

  • What caused or is causing the damage?
  • How far has the damage spread?

By answering these two questions, our crew members effectively cure the damage caused by water. 

In the photo above, a containment can be seen blocking the doorway. This is set so that as the Dehumidifier (pictured in foreground) works to capture moisture in the space, the moisture can not escape the contained space and is extracted from the affected area. 

Extensive Home Water Damage

  • Cause of Damage

A damaged pipe structure within this home caused flooding throughout much of the floor plan.

  • Like it never even happened

One of our trusted crew chiefs guided the homeowner through the process we would perform to effectively eliminate the damage. As seen in the photo, one of several containments were set to actively dry larger areas as expedient as possible. This resulted in a drying process that eliminated the moisture and made the damage "Like it never even happened."